Activegel – sterile injectable implants designed to eliminate various defects, deformations and compensate soft tissue volumes of the human body.

Activegel meets modern requirements of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. This material provides means for solving the broad spectrum of problems aimed to strain recovery, liquidation of soft tissues’ deflection and creation of natural or desired volume. The hydrophilic implant doesn’t resolve after its administration, it is the most simple in use and allows achieving the highest cosmetic result promptly.

Activegel is made of high purity synthetic materials and does not contain components of animal origin, as well as substances derived from genetically modified organisms. To ensure complete sterility Activegel products are kept in aseptic conditions during the entire production cycle and at the final stage are sterilized by autoclaving.

Material safety is proven by preclinical studies held in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 10993 norm, the results of clinical use of the material during 12 years.

Activegel has the following forms of release:

– Activegel syringes, volume: 1ml, 2ml, 4ml. Designed for the use in facial contouring.

– Activegel syringes, volume: 10ml, 20ml; Activegel PVC containers, volume: 50ml, 100ml. Designed for needs of injecting large quantities of material for various areas of the body.


The unique properties of a hydrophilic gel Activegel put it into the category of universal gels. In addition, the positive charge of the implant blocks the oxidative stress, which leads to a favorable course of the post-operative period and the absence of inflammatory manifestations. Hydrogel Activegel, compared to analogues, increases the safety and efficiency of its use, reduces post-operative complications.

High biocompatibility
Natural and lasting effect after implantation
Safety of injection
No long-term postoperative period



– Elimination of mimic and age wrinkles on the forehead and brow area;
– Nasolabial folds;
– Correction of the lips corners and chin;
– Correction of the cheekbones;
– Correction of scars appeared after accumulation of pus inside the wound;
– Scleroderma.

Breast Implants

– Increase of the breast volume;
– Reconstruction and removal of defects and deformations of the breast soft tissues.

Contour plastic body:

– Increase of the buttocks;
– Correction of the shape of the buttocks;
– Contour plastics of soft tissues of the leg.

LLC "National Center of Medical Technology" has implemented a quality control system in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 13485: 2012 "Medical products. Quality Control System".

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